Bioluminescent Plankton Tour

Have you ever wanted to experience swimming in pools of light? You can make this dream come true by visiting Laguna Encantada and seeing bioluminescent plankton shine around you! Take a three-hour tour at night to enjoy this otherworldly experience. 

Bioluminescent Plankton in Colombia  

Bioluminescent plankton are tiny sea creatures that turn iridescent blue at night. This phenomenon results from a chemical reaction and also happens to other marine animals like jellyfish and other species. In Colombia, you can find bioluminescent plankton in a lagoon on Isla Grande, one of the Rosario Islands near Cartagena. Even though you can see them every day of the year, plankton will shine more brightly when clouds cover the moon.

About the Tour

The tour to see bioluminescent plankton lasts around three hours, and a member of our staff will accompany you. As you get inside the warm waters of Laguna Encantada at night, plankton start glowing around you, creating a magical view. The tour includes shuttle services to and from Isla Grande and a boat trip to Laguna Encantada.

people with lifejackets in colombian waters
women swimming in fluorescent waters in colombia

Fun Facts About Bioluminescent Creatures

  • Some bioluminescent jellyfish are hermaphrodites.

  • Bioluminescent creatures tend to be blue because these UV light rays travel the farthest, and marine species are more sensitive to them.

  • Experts believe bioluminescent plankton emit light to misguide predators and attract prey.

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Feel like a character out of a fairy tale by bathing in the waters of Laguna Encantada and seeing bioluminescent plankton. Contact us today to book a tour!

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