Yacht Rental in Cartagena

Whether you're planning a corporate event, a bachelor party, or just wanting to add excitement to your vacation, a yacht rental is the best way to take your celebration to the next level. Rent our private yachts for seven hours and tour the waters of Cartagena!

About Cartagena

Located on Colombia's Caribbean coast, Cartagena is known for its turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. Tourists usually visit the city to see its walls, a military construction built to protect it centuries ago. Cartagena also features other colorful buildings, such as the shops and houses in the Getsemani neighborhood. You can get a fantastic view of the city's architecture and lights by renting a private yacht and sailing near Cartagena Bay. Since the city faces the Caribbean Sea, its clear waters are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and other activities.

About the Yacht Rental

If you need to plan any event, rent our private yachts and host a bachelor's party, celebrate special occasions, or spend quality time with your family. Once you get on the boat, you can lounge on the deck, sip on refreshing drinks, and indulge in delicious local cuisine as you explore the stunning coastline. The yacht has many amenities available to make your experience on the boat even better. After your yacht ride, you can visit the most popular clubs in Cartagena among locals and tourists.

private boat in the water facing a colombian city at sunset
large private boat in colombian waters

Fun Facts About Cartagena

  • Famous Colombian writer and Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez lived in Cartagena for many years and used the city as the setting for several of his novels.

  • The city has been featured in movies, including "Love in Times of Cholera" and "Captain America: Civil War."

  • Cartagena has some of the most beautiful churches in Colombia, including the Cathedral of Cartagena and the Church of San Pedro Claver.

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