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If you look beyond Colombia's beautiful beaches and colorful architecture, you'll realize the country hosts a diverse bird population. Bird lovers and curious tourists can schedule a tour of the Colombian National Aviary in Baru and observe each species closely to learn about biodiversity and sustainability.

About Birds and the National Aviary

Colombia houses 20% of the world's bird diversity, having more bird species than any other country. With over 1900 species currently living there, Colombia owes its bird biodiversity to the different ecosystems, warm weather, and leafy vegetation that create a comfortable environment for these creatures.

The National Aviary in Colombia is located on Baru Island, an hour away from Cartagena city. This organization displays and preserves bird species in a natural environment, and teaches tourists and locals about Colombia's fauna and how to care for birds responsibly.

Some of the stunning bird species you can find in Colombia, include:

  • Trogon

  • Quetzal

  • Red-headed Barbet

  • Thick-billed Euphonia

About the Tour

The National Aviary Tour lasts three hours, and we provide shuttle services from Cartagena to Baru and a ticket to the National Aviary. When you arrive, the Aviary's staff gives a 15-minute presentation to introduce you to the place and the birds you'll see. During the tour, you can watch birds, take pictures, and learn about native and international species.

toucan in an aviary in colombia
bird in an aviary in colombia

Did You Know…

  • The national bird is the Andean Condor.

  • Coffee farms that use the "shade-grown" method (growing coffee plants beneath tall trees) give birds shelter and food.

  • Around 50 bird species in Colombia migrate to the US and Canada.

Do You Want to Go on a National Aviary Tour?

If you like bird watching and want to learn more about Colombia, you can't miss the National Aviary Tour. Contact us today to schedule yours!

family visiting an aviary in colombia
blue parrots in an aviary in colombia

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