Boat Trip to Islas del Rosario

If you're in Cartagena and want to make a detour to a beachy paradise nearby, book a boat trip to Islas del Rosario. Get a day tour of this archipelago on the Colombian coast and enjoy the white sand, clear waters, and watersports to turn your visit into a magical experience.

The Beauty of Islas del Rosario

Islas del Rosario is a group of 28 islands located around 60 miles away from Cartagena city. Unlike Cartagena's more hectic and lively locations, Islas del Rosario is a tranquil and less crowded part of Colombia. Since these islands are a popular tourist site and one of the country's landmarks, the beaches and seaside paths are well-preserved. Visitors are surrounded by crystal-clear waters, lively wildlife, white sand, and can experience activities like snorkeling, sightseeing, and eating delicious national cuisine. 

About the Boat Trip

The private boat trip to Islas del Rosario starts at 8:30 a.m., and our guide and captain will take you to the different islands to sightsee, take pictures, and enjoy the beach. You'll also visit a pool where you can go snorkeling, and passengers of legal age can drink cocktails. This dreamy trip ends at 4:30 p.m. with a visit to Cholon beach, a famous party spot, and a delicious lunch with your loved ones on Baru Island.

woman swimming in clear beach waters.
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Fun Facts About Islas del Rosario

  • Grande Island has a lake with plankton that glows in the dark!

  • The islands are part of a national natural park.

  • One of the Islands is called Pirate Island. Unfortunately, Jack Sparrow doesn't live there…

Do You Want to Take a Boat Trip to Islas del Rosario?

Book a boat trip to Islas del Rosario and get to know this peaceful and immaculate part of Colombia. Contact us today to schedule yours!

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people snorkeling and riding private boats in colombia
people snorkeling and riding private boats in colombia
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people at the gates of the oceanario in islas del rosario

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