Totumo Volcano Tour

Did you know that beyond  blue and transparent waters, Colombia houses an astounding mud volcano named Totumo that many believe has healing properties? This exciting location in Santa Catalina offers health benefits to those who swim in its waters. Book a tour of Totumo Volcano and live an experience unlike any other!

About Totumo Volcano

Totumo is a natural-occurring volcano located in the town of Santa Catalina, northern Colombia. Standing 49 ft above ground, Totumo is the smallest volcano in the country. Tourists usually come from Cartagena to visit this special destination by car or bus. Totumo forms a jacuzzi-like pool of dense mud that the volcano warms up naturally. Locals claim that the waters of the volcano can:

  • Detoxify the body

  • Clean pores and skin

  • Reduce with joint inflammation

  • Relieve stress

You can also get a massage and take a bath nearby to get rid of the mud before returning to Cartagena.

About the Tour

The tour to Totumo Volcano is one of Cartagena's most popular one-day trips, lasting three hours. We'll take you to Santa Catalina, grant you access to the volcano, and accompany you throughout the tour. We'll also get you back to Cartagena once the tour is over.

man smiling after a mud bath in colombia
people taking a mud bath in colombia

Did You Know…

  • According to local tales, Totumo once was a lava volcano, but a priest believed it was evil and threw holy water into it to change it.

  • The mud contains iron, magnesium, silica, calcium, and other chemicals.

  • Up to 15 people can get inside the mud volcano at a time.

Do You Want to Book a Tour of Totumo Volcano?

Tour the town of Santa Catalina and get inside the healing waters of Totumo Volcano by booking a tour with us. Contact us today to learn more. 

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