Tayrona Park in Santa Marta Tour

Colombia is home to countless animal species and beaches that locals are dedicated to protecting, so they created Tayrona Park to showcase the beauty of Santa Marta while caring for the place's ecosystems and history. You and your family are welcome to take a three-day tour and see the wonders of this destination!

About Santa Marta and Tayrona Park

Santa Marta is a city in northern Colombia, around three hours away from Cartagena. Ranked as the fourth most populated city in the country, Santa Marta has breathtaking beaches, an exciting history, and diverse wildlife that make it a special holiday destination.

Tayrona Park is one of the favorite places to visit in Colombia, and it's a car or bus ride away from Santa Marta. The park is a conservation center founded in 1964 to preserve the traditions and architecture of pre-colonial tribes, as well as to keep beaches pristine and to be a sanctuary for island species. Tayrona Park also has restaurants, hotels, shops, and other attractions to make your stay even better.

A ticket grants you access to all the beaches, jungle areas, and hidden spots, such as:

  • Boca del Saco

  • Arrecife Beach

  • La Piscina Beach

  • Sendero Los Naranjos

About the Tour

The tour to Tayrona Park lasts three days, including the trip to the park and the return to Cartagena. Shuttle services to and from the park, accommodation, meals, and a member of a staff to accompany you are included. When you arrive, you'll be in one of the world's best and most spectacular natural parks, where you can do activities like scuba diving, hiking, bird-watching, beach, and many more.

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Fun Facts About Tyrona Park and Santa Marta  

  • Since not many people go to Boca del Saco, visitors have turned this place into a nudist beach. However, it has yet to be one officially.

  • Santa Marta is one of the oldest cities in America, founded in 1525 by Rodrigo de Bastidas.

  • Santa Marta once had the country's main port, but Cartagena Bay's port then took this title.

Looking to Tour Tayrona Park in Santa Marta?

Book a three-day tour to Tayrona National Park, where you can combine history learning with hiking and watersports. Call us today to learn more.  

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