Scuba Diving in Islas del Rosario

Colombia has a diverse bird and amphibian population, but did you know you can also find colorful and unique wildlife underwater? If you decide to visit Islas del Rosario, go scuba diving and get a warm welcome from the fish, coral reefs, and sea creatures in the crystal-clear waters.

About Islas del Rosario

Islas del Rosario is a group of 28 islands located around 60 miles away from Cartagena city. The highlights of this destination are the white-sand beaches and warm, transparent waters, which have turned the islands into tourist hotspots. People usually book a trip to Islas del Rosario to escape their fun but hectic holidays in Cartagena and spend a day sightseeing, bird-watching, and scuba diving. Islas del Rosario also offers delicious local cuisine and five-star accommodation to enhance your trip.  

The most visited island in Islas del Rosario are:

  • Baru

  • Marina

  • Isla Grande

About Scuba Diving on the Island

If you'd like to go scuba diving on one of the islands, you can book a 45-minute session with our instructors. Our staff has a certification from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), and they're trained to teach you the proper scuba diving technique and guide you during your underwater adventure. You'll see the national fish population and the coral reef on the coastlines, and enjoy another side of this island paradise.

woman snorkeling in colombia
couple snorkeling in colombia

Fun Facts About Scuba Diving

  • Scuba is an acronym for "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus."

  • The record for deepest dive is more than 1000 feet.

  • When diving, you might notice fish and plants have less color. This phenomenon results from water absorbing sunlight, which puts a grey filter on underwater environments.

Looking to Go Scuba Diving in Islas del Rosario?

Go scuba diving during your trip to Islas del Rosario and fish for an opportunity to see what lies under the waves. Call us today to book this activity!

man swimming with stingrays in colombia
blue fish in a sea in colombia

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