Dancing Classes and Tropical Rhythms

Since Cartagena is a tourist hotspot, the city has many historic buildings and attractions you can visit. But if you want to add an authentic twist to your sightseeing trip, you can book dancing classes and learn the tropical rhythms that make Colombia a colorful and energetic country.

What Music Is Popular in Colombia?

When you walk the streets of Cartagena or go to the four-day carnival in Barranquilla, you’ll notice cumbia is the most famous music in the country. This genre blends European, African, and indigenous styles and is played with instruments like drums, maracas, accordions, and claves.

People in Cartagena also listen to Colombian Salsa, which originated in Cali City to celebrate sugarcane crops. The pace and rhythm of this music are more rapid than cumbia, and musicians use percussion instruments to play Salsa songs.

Other typical Colombian music includes:

  • Vallenato

  • Champeta

  • Bambuco  

About the Dancing Classes

You can take hour-long sessions at our studio if you want to learn how to dance Salsa or other tropical rhythms. We offer comprehensive training in different dancing styles. You can take group or one-on-one adult classes to soak in the culture and enjoy a different side of the country’s history.

people taking dance classes in colombia
people taking dance classes in colombia

Fun Facts About Colombian Music

  • Traditional instruments are made of plants and animal skin.

  • A group of musicians who play cumbia is known as Cumbiamba.

  • Famous artists like J Balvin, Maluma, and Karol G come from Colombia.

Do You Want to Take Dancing Classes in Cartagena?

If you want to learn more about Colombian culture and tropical rhythms, take one of our dancing classes. Contact us today to book a session!  

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