Night-time Cartagena Bay Tour

Cartagena's distinctive military architecture contrasts with the modern buildings and beaches, creating a stunning view you can better appreciate from the sea. Surprise your lover with a romantic night-time tour of Cartagena Bay, or invite your family on this three-hour activity to enjoy all the magic that night in Cartagena brings.

About Cartagena and the Bay

Cartagena Bay is a body of water south of Cartagena city, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The bay has a south and a north entrance for ships to access and exit the city. During colonial times, the Spanish saw an opportunity to enhance the city's economy and increase sea trade by building a port in the bay, which stands to this day. The port was a game-changer for Colombia's industrial growth, with many companies settling around the area. The bay has also become a popular spot to visit by boat.

About the Tour

Night-time tours last around 3 hours, starting with a romantic dinner as you cruise the waters of Cartagena Bay. You and your special someone or loved ones will try delicious Colombian cuisine while the sun sets and the city lights turn on around you. After an unforgettable night, Cartagena is ready to welcome you back with lively bars and other nightlife experiences.

private party boat at sea during the night
woman doing a pose on a boat

Did You Know…

  • Cartagena Bay is around 265 nautical miles from the Panama Canal.

  • Since the area is hurricane free and doesn't have strong currents, the port makes activities very safe.

  • The port of Cartagena Bay is used to export products like coffee, oil, gold, and coal.

Do You Want to Arrange a Night-time Tour of Cartagena Bay?

See what Cartagena Bay is like at night by booking a tour and planning a delightful dinner at sea with the people you love. Contact us today to learn more or book this activity!

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