Los Manglares Tour

If you want to connect with nature during your trip to Cartagena, you can visit Los Manglares on the city's outskirts. Tour this unique destination by boat and discover how mangroves help the environment!

About Los Manglares

Los Manglares is a stunning ecological route located in La Boquilla, Cartagena. This area is characterized by its beautiful and dense mangrove forests, home to diverse flora and fauna. These shrubs protect the coastline from erosion and provide a habitat for countless species of wildlife, such as birds, crabs, and fish. Aside from visiting the mangroves, tourists can engage in traditional fishing practices alongside local fishermen and sample popular local dishes, such as fried fish with coconut rice, banana, and salad.

About the Tour

After you book this two-hour tour to Los Manglares, you'll sail through this tropical forest by boat while learning about the positive impact the mangroves have on the local ecosystem. A staff member will accompany you during the tour to escort you and your family. The trip to this destination also includes boat rides and shuttle services to take you in and out of Los Manglares.  

people in a boat in colombia
people in boats in colombia

Did You Know…

  • Los Manglares is one of the largest mangrove systems in South America.

  • The mangroves of La Boquilla are home to many species of birds, including the iconic pink spoonbill, the great blue heron, and the American kestrel.

  • The mangroves of La Boquilla serve as an essential nursery habitat for many marine species, such as crabs, shrimp, and fish. Many of these species are commercially valuable and contribute to the local economy.

Do You Want to Tour Los Manglares in Colombia?

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plant in a canoe
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